Fishbone & Process Charts


Kristen Huber

Kristen is a Tokyo-based budding analyst with an interest in project management

Fishbone Diagrams & Process Charts

The following fishbone diagram was used to brainstorm potential causes for the Sample PMP Plan. For more details please click on Sample PMP on the menu to the right.

This Fishbone Diagram brainstorms several different causes of an overseas safe company looking to increase their sales in Japan using several different categories including: Methods, Enviroment, Materials, People and Process.


The following is a Fishbone Diagram used for Quality Analysis describing the potential causes of low quality customer service calls.

This Fishbone diagram goes into more detail about the potential causes relating to the call center staff. Many of the proposed causes have to do with the call center staff's knowledge of various customer issues. To resolve this problem it is proposed the call staff be split into three groups, Customer Support (the most experienced and in charge of handling the initial reception of the call and resolving any serious customer dissatisfaction) and staff that is in charge of handing troubleshooing and sales. Here is the proposed Call Center Process Chart.